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Blaze King


Large wood furnace

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The VC120 can be used as an independent wood furnace or added to an existing gas, oil or electric furnace. Automatic switchover between fuels is as simple as setting the thermostat. Loading the large capacity (8.5 cubic foot) cast iron lined fire box is easy through the 15" x 13" door. It will accommodate logs up to 25 inches to provide an average 11 hour of continuous burning. The MP80ís reliability is proven In thousands of homes across the country. Our 4 port secondary air burner system makes this a very efficient large sized wood furnace. There is an optional 900cfm blower for when you install the VC120 as a standalone furnace.


Maximum Heat Input 1,383,985 BTUs
High Heat Output 120,000 BTUs
Overall Efficiency 82%
Firebox Size (W x D x H) 16" x 26" x 32"
Wood Length 25"
Burn Time 11 to 16 hours
Unit Dimensions

Width 29.5"
Height 50.5"
Depth 37"
Weight 800 Ibs
Flue Diameter 7"