Blaze King woodstoves are eco-friendly.

Efficient, clean burning catalytics

Global warming is a serious concern. The effects of climate change are obvious almost anywhere you look. At Blaze King Industries, we take these and other environmental issues very seriously. That’s been true since we first opened our doors for business in 1977, long before climate issues were a daily headline.

More recently, reports by the United Nations estimate that from 1990-2004, greenhouse emissions in the United States increased 16%. As of 2005, the U.S. generated more carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels than any other country in the world.

The EPA defines fossil fuels as any fuel that the Earth forms from plant or animal remains, including oil, oil shale, tar sand, natural gas, peat, and coal. When burned, fossil fuels release carbon that otherwise wouldn’t be released into the atmosphere.

Wood is not a fossil fuel. Wood is biomass and when burned, doesn’t release any more carbon dioxide than would occur naturally if left to rot in the forest. When wood is burned by a Blaze King hearth appliance, the number of particulates and gasses released into the air is far less than would occur during a forest fire. In fact, burning wood in a Blaze King high efficiency stove is carbon neutral. That means buying carbon credits to use your Blaze King wood stove isn’t necessary. Don’t expect to have to pay any carbon taxes on it in the future, either.

Unfortunately, not every wood stove on the market is highly efficient, and none are more efficient than a Blaze King catalytic appliance. Since 1988, the EPA has regulated particulate emissions from wood heaters. The limit is 7.5 grams per hour for non-catalytic appliances, and 4.1 grams per hour for catalytic appliances. Washington States emission standards are even stricter than the EPA’s.

So how do Blaze King Hearth appliances rate? Our wood burning stoves are more efficient than what the EPA and Washington State require!

Environmental responsibility is important to us at Blaze King Industries. We understand that building quality products doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the environment in the process. That’s been our mission since day one. We’ve led the industry in developing emissions-reducing technology and quality products, and well continue to do so.

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